Arbital's Value-Based Contracting & Actuarial Services generated >$20M million in surplus payments

Learn How a Large Risk-Taking Entity Partnered with Arbital Health To Maximize Value and Minimize Risk of Value-Based Care (VBC) Contracts.

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About the Case Study:



The organization became successful by a willingness to take on complicated and financially uncertain VBC agreements. 



To effectively manage these contracts, the company needed an accurate view of its financial performance, including monthly surplus/deficit reporting, IBNR and overall progress against its VBC agreements. 



Arbital assisted the organization in negotiating and restructuring one-sided VBC contracts, creating fair and sustainable long-term arrangements.

Every time I talk to anyone on the Arbital team, I get smarter. I learn something new that I didn’t know I needed to know, but now I do. Their support has been invaluable.

About Arbital Health

Arbital Health’s vision is to become the neutral 3rd party adjudicator of outcomes based contracts, unlocking and accelerating the $1 trillion shift to Value-Based Care in the U.S. healthcare system. We aspire to be the trusted umpire adjudicating every outcome-based contract in healthcare, whether contracts are between life sciences companies and payers, payers and providers, or employers and digital health companies. We will make it simple to adjudicate contracts and unlock the trillion dollar shift to value-based care in America. In doing so, we will help to solve healthcare’s biggest problem.